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Have you lost money to crooked online transactions?

You Are Not Alone

You don’t have to give up in the face of online fraud. You don’t have to face the shame and frustration by yourself. FX Global Recoveries specializes in uncovering fraudulent practices, bringing those responsible to justice, and helping people like you recover what is rightfully theirs.

Regardless of how overwhelming your situation may appear, FX Global Recoveries has a team of dedicated, highly skilled and experienced legal and software experts who are prepared to give their all to make things right.

The help you deserve and need is only a phone call away

FX Global Recoveries provide a variety of services for our clients in the fields of financial fraud focusing on the recovery of funds from unscrupulous “binary options”, Forex, gambling, cryptocurrency and CFD scams.

 We carefully assess each and every case, so we can provide you with the best possible solution. Don’t let your hard-earned cash go to the scammers- contact our team of financial experts for a free consultation today.


Case Assessment

Our team of professionals will carefully assess your case, so we can determine the best course of action.

Recover your Money

We recover your funds by representing the victims of online fraud to the banks, financial regulators, credit companies, the companies that defrauded them and, at last resort, to the law enforcement entities.


I am not embarrassed to say that eight months ago I lost well over 150k of life savings to a “regulated”broker. I was more than devastated and we had no idea if there was sense in fighting continuously with them. I did reach to (company name) once over the shock, anguish and anger! My case started with an initial complaint letter to the broker asking for a settlement since they violated a bunch of their own terms and conditions. When the broker was not cooperative and ignored my claim, FX Global Recoveries took them to court, and even though it took a few months they got back every penny. For that I will forever be grateful. Patrick Battersby

Highly professional, reliable and successful team. They managed to get my funds back from a scam online investment company! Francesco Cesaroni

FX Global Recoveries prepared a compelling case for me to submit and guided me all the way to successfully present my dispute to gain the refund. Would highly recommend this company. Belinda Durinck


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